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Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? David Walliams. Victoria Aveyard. Philip Pullman. Holly Black. Julia Donaldson.

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Rick Riordan. Tom Fletcher. Jenna Ballard. Maggie Stiefvater. Leigh Bardugo. Roald Dahl. Cassandra Clare. Enid Blyton. Tui T. Diana Wynne Jones. Ursula K. Le Guin. Neil Gaiman. Jill Murphy. Barry Gifford. E Craig McKay. Nick Shipley. Nik Morton. Bp Gregory. Stephen Donald Huff. Heavier on the action and lighter on the romance, with a nice finale.

Mini Profile of Maria V. Her next book, Storm Glass will be out in spring , and Sea Glass follows in the autumn. Labels: Paranormal Romance , Reviewettes , Short stories. Release Reminder. You can check out my earlier review here. Labels: Book reviews , Release Reminder.

Anita Blake Movie Update. Labels: Anita Blake , Movies , News. Theirs is a world of ancient desires and forbidden pleasures. They are men of mystery and women of seduction, wild creatures with the power to entrance and enchant, tease and tantalize.

Magicus : Violence Redeeming: Collected Short Stories 2009 - 2011

Enter their secret world, if you dare The Yearning by Hannah Howell Alpin has lived for centuries with a lust that can never be quenched with mere physical pleasure. Jermy Borden's seven short years on Planet Earth had already been filled with hardship, deprivation and heartache when, on the way to school one morning, his drunken mother drove their car into a neighbor's home, killing herself and a hamster named On a campaign with Alexander the Great, while waging war on a high plateau above an un-named eastern sea, he suffered a bite from a giant canine.

Wandering through the ages from continent to continent, an immortal, h He drives a specially modified Snow Cat, shuttling roughnecks to the wildest gas fields on Earth, which are situated along a frozen peninsula in the far northern wastes of Siberia. For decades, he has simultaneously battled the elements and violent b Born into a wealthy family, Mercy Worth will enjoy every privilege that unimaginable riches can provide, but she will never know love. Her hair and eyes as dark as a starless night sky, from her first day on the planet she is unnaturally watchful and One of the most pivotal waterborne engagements in history would not be fought ship-to-ship in the traditional fashion of naval warfare, a brutal duel between massive battleships.

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This titanic contest would be decided without either commander sighting A ravaged, remnant human population claims the Earth's dismal daylight hours, while bloodthirsty savages rule the night. One aging warrior struggles to take back the darkness. He fights bloodlust with bloodlust, but his most powerful weapon is a terr His nickname at work, where his colleagues avoid him like a plague, is "Mr.

Alongside a lonely stretch of road on his way home one evening, he earns his reputation, once again. While he sits with a dying youth trapped inside an overturned At five years old, Tiffy is worldly beyond her age. Her disinterested mother and absent father have not wielded much influence in her life, and she roams neighborhood streets at all hours of the day and evening without supervision. Recently fleeing w He has already killed many single young ladies, and he will certainly kill again.

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Tonight, he lingers outside the house of his next intended victim. Bad things happen to the people Pablo loves. Bad, bloody things. Indeed, his hapless path through life is littered with the human wreckage of lives badly wasted; of men, women and children inexplicably maimed and murdered.

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Though his presence is ever When their yacht sinks just east of New Zealand during a round-the-world sailing trip, three survivors somehow manage to pile themselves into a single tiny life raft. Adrift on one of the wildest seas in the world, their struggle to survive is a desp To earn extra money, he decided to volunteer for service in Afghanistan as a civilian technologist. During training provided by the government, he vowed he would never allow terrorists to easily cut off his head for their propaganda machine.

He's a notorious corporate spy. His last job uncovered a disturbing truth long and deeply buried by the powers-that-be. Though his corporate enemies have kept him imprisoned by flying him endlessly around the world, he is neither forgotten or alone. In this vision of the future, the most prestigious vacation money can buy is a trip to a corporate planet overgrown with a jungle wilderness.

There, wealthy tourists gird armor and fantastically powerful weapons to hunt strange chimeras through an en Wrongfully convicted and long confined in one of the worst prisons in the United States, he is bitter and angry.

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Despite a million-dollar settlement, his thirst for vengeance cannot be peacefully appeased, and his lust for blood ultimately turns on t While waiting for his wife to finish shopping, he stumbles across a strangely ornate spiral stairway hidden away at the back of the local mall.

Bored, he decides to descend a flight or two to examine the strange window displays arranged along its ou He is a devil, not THE devil. Regardless, his productivity is a measure of human misery.

His undertakings are of human vice. His indulgence is bound in human suffering. Today, he will pass the reins of management to a successor, and you are selected They are the perfect couple, if perfection is a measure of lies and deception. They travel from town to town, conning their way across country, working confidence games, large and small. When their past turns up to haunt them, they both quickly reali Often, only graven images of ancient violence pass through eons of time to speak to us today, and it is these Death Eidolons that enable us to understand the darkest poi These short stories are intended to appeal to the glorious American psyche.

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