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Strange things happen there. Strange students go there. In fact, the stories that come out of F. But something else is going on there. Something more than strange Something evil Sure, the hallways of Franklin Delano High are filled with ordinary kids trying to navigate the pitfalls of adolescence; working hard to get good grades, experiencing the joy and heartbreak of teenage romance. But what do you do when your teenage romance turns into a teenage horror story?

For the students at Freaky Deaky High , getting good grades and falling in love are the least of their worries. They have a much more urgent priority. Staying alive. Scroll up and click the cover to look inside this freaky young adult thriller If you dare. The development of the american presidency 2nd edition , the development of the american Google Search the world s information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you re looking for. A widowed U.

President running for reelection and an environmental lobbyist fall in love. It s all above board, but "politics is perception," and sparks fly anyway. He even sells vegan tacos at a couple of taquerias he owns in the LA area. Christopher R. Popo, Korin, Burter, Guru, and dozens more. Panel: Saturday, 5 p. That much you know. What you may not be aware of is that she also played a young Agatha Christie in a BBC docudrama and has a burgeoning career as a director.

Panel: Saturday, 3 p. Everything else about the character a rapier-wielding student and heiress who defends the fantasy world of Remnant along with her fellow classmates is probably fair game. Every single one is voiced here in the U.

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Ken F. Levin Producer Fans of the television versions of Preacher , which is based on Garth Ennis' landmark comic book, and Quarry owe a debt of thanks to Ken F. Levin, the executive producer of said shows who helped bring 'em from the page to the small screen. Comic Books As its name portends, Phoenix Comicon features a ton of special guests and content devoted to the sequential art form.

This year is no exception, with appearances from a mix of famous names from the comic book world, as well as numerous local creators. Oh, and there will be loads of actual comics, too. In the early '90s, Jurgens was writing and penciling Superman when DC infamously decided to off Kal-El for its now-legendary story arc. And while the character came back to life a few months later no one really dies in comics , Jurgens was the dude who got to envision how Supes would bite the dust.

His non-zombified work, which runs the gamut from gigs with Heavy Metal and National Lampoon to runs on Conan and Ghost Rider , is also impressive and tends to evoke an epic and almost painterly feel.

Ron Marz Writer Ron Marz has been quite prolific during his year career, accumulating a list of credits that rivals the Book of the Vishanti in terms of length. DC , which he co-wrote with Peter David. Tom Raney Artist As a comics creator, Tom Raney has pretty much done it all — penciling, inking, writing, coloring Koblish even featured the anti-hero in issues of X-Men 92 during his run on that title last year.

He's world-renowned for his work writing and illustrating characters and titles associated with the franchise for decades, including creating the award-winning and well-remembered issue series, The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.

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He started out at Marvel in reportedly becoming the youngest pro artist ever to be employed by a major comic book company , had a memorable stint on Namor the Sub-Mariner , collaborated with the legendary Grant Morrison on Fantastic Four: , and not only helped illustrate The Dark Tower series, but was picked by Stephen King himself to create the cover and interior art for the novel The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole.

Peter David Writer We could spend hours listing the countless comics and literary projects that the ultra-prolific Peter David has been involved with over the last few decades. And, frankly, everything he does is great. Cheerleaders and Lady Death , not to mention inside pages for Aspen Comics. Norm Rapmund Inker Norm Rapmund has been around the world of sequential art for decades, dating back to the early days of Image Comics, where he laid down the ink on Bloodstrike , Supreme , Team Youngblood , and Brigade.

And believe us, he stays plenty busy. You could also give him kudos for his extensive work as an writer, penciler, and inker on many of its more famous series, including multiple G. After all, he created the legendary metal act's iconic mascot Eddie the Head and designed several album covers in the '80s and '90s. You can also spy it in issues of her indie comic book, Mystery Babylon , or on any of the prints, sketch cards or posters that she sells. Tim Vigil Artist The tortuous tale of Faust is one of the more influential pieces of legend and literature that's been adapted countless times over the last several centuries.

And Morales, who studied under the late Will Eisner, has done just that in the pages and on the covers of hundreds of titles for both Marvel and DC, frequently tag-teaming with pencilers Olivier Coipel, Leinil Yu, and Jim Cheung.

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Mark Brooks Artist The galaxy far, far away has inspired a few of Mark Brooks' projects, as he's illustrated Star Wars -related sketch cards, covers, and interior art for the Han Solo series, and several prints. Jenevieve Broomall Artist Jenevieve Broomall is best known for her skills as a cover artist.

Just ask any of the comic book fans who scoop up the issues of Grimm Fairy Tales , Joan of Arc , and Critter that she's worked on, or any of her stunning prints. His gritty style of art has been seen in the pages of Ultimate X-Men and Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America ; on the silver screen he helped design the Nite Owl's airship in Watchmen ; and even on the cover of Disturbed's album Indestructible. Since , he's been exclusive to DC and has written and drawn for numerous Caped Crusader-related books, including the epic Batman: The Dark Knight in He also tells personal stories, too.

You can also see his efforts in the upcoming crowdfunded indie comic book Transgenesis. Supergator , and Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader. He's also created cover art for tons of tiles, including the more recent runs of The X-Files. Together with his wife, Kristy, they founded the digital colorist studio Hi-Fi Colour Design and have created coursework and authored instructional books in the art form. And after years of recreating the adventures of caped crusaders and super-powered beings, Tso came up with a hero of his own: Captain Paiute, the Indigenous Avenger of the Southwest.

The character appeared in his own title in , which was published by Indigenous Narratives Collective, the Native American-centric comics collective co-founded by Tso. You can spy all of these in many of the mini-comics he self-publishes, not to mention the various paintings, prints, custom-made toys, and other creations he sells online. It wasn't his only fantasy project, however, as he created the award-winning series Fables , a reimagining of famous fairy tale characters in a modern setting. Jeff Pina Artist It's hard to miss the work of Jeff Pina, considering his style — which is influenced by both anime and super-deformed art — is both eye-catching and adorable.

It's been featured in any number of self-published titles he's created for more than a decade now including Dr. Tony Parker Artist Any aspiring comics artist would be envious of the laudable career that this writer, inker, penciler, colorist, and cover guy has had.

He also helped transform Philip K. Legendary band Rush even tapped him to create a graphic novel inspired by their famed album, Rock on. His well-regarded series of hard-boiled detective novels, featuring his original character Lucius Fogg, are also worth reading. A frequent topic of conversation is the comics industry, a subject that's very familiar to both of them. Meanwhile, Cody has his own book, F. The thing we're really interested in checking out, however, is his current work on Pugly , a crowd-sourced indie title that's described as "a comic misadventure about a spoiled little pug's journey toward becoming a 'real dog.

Our favorite of his is the long-running Ocho , the quirky and funny series about a blue-skinned alien missionary.