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Please refer to your local guidelines for details. Oversized works that earn National Medals are not guaranteed opportunities for display in the National Exhibition. Work that challenges category boundaries and explores unconventional, interdisciplinary, or forward-thinking mediums. Work submitted to this category should address contemporary issues and concerns through conceptual, social, or political content.

Performance art, installation, sound art, site-specific or research-driven processes, new or applied technologies, conceptual art, or community projects. Since the Awards are blindly judged, please do not include your name in any of the files you upload. You must upload files that clearly present the work. In parallel, external pressures from third countries mean that EU countries need to stick more closely together if they are to retain any influence and exert any weight in the new world order.

The Eurobarometer report shows that citizens are mostly interested in the state of the economy, employment prospects, migration, climate change and the fight against terrorism, which all point towards a need for more togetherness, cooperation and joint action Table 5. The future shape of Europe is now in the hands of those who go to vote in the European elections on May. The film will be released online in all Member states from the 25 April But that was too obvious. It would offend him. She considered her eighteen year-old self. But that would lead to shouting.

She considered every form, even reviving people from the past: her mother, her grandfather, her little sister Mary. How would her father react to Mary walking in?

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He would think himself dead. She could whisper a message to him: Stay alive, dad. God commands it. In the end, Viv chose the look of her last days as a biological person. Thirty-one years old, her auburn hair cut short, her black eyes full of longing. She watched the body print in silicon over robotic armature. When it blinked to life, Viv stood in front of a mirror.

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Her face was appropriately somber, her mind in sync with her new muscles. Without thinking, she stretched her arms, arched her body, twirled on her tiptoes. She had forgotten the pleasure of sensation. She could not help but smile. Viv clothed her body in a blue dress, packed her tablet in a briefcase, stood in front of the mirror one last time. The clenching of her jaw felt like the old days. Her brother made a habit of last-minute decisions, without concern for how they affected other people, most often her. She remembered the day he became an everperson.

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They were supposed to visit their father in mourning, but Gabe disappeared without explanation. Viv took the full burden of solace on herself.

Viv: A Short Story

She sat with her father in a small room, with an old Persian rug and stale furniture. His mustache was beginning to gray, his eyes beginning to wrinkle. They tell me to wait… they tell me to wait. Gabe did not return her calls that evening. The next day, she began to worry. The day after, she began to look. He made no effort to hide, he simply neglected to tell her the new plan.

Gabe had taken the money from his inheritance, and booked himself an everence. It was something new back then. Viv did not understand the science, but she knew it was a destructive process. His physical brain was destroyed by lasers that scanned it neuron by neuron, creating a digital replica.

He became data coursing through a network, able to embody any form, to outlive physical decay. He became an everperson. It took three days to complete. Viv went to the facility, a converted warehouse by the Bay Bridge. She watched the new Gabe being printed over robotic armature, taking the form of his last biological self, to help with the transition. When he blinked to life, she did not know if he would be the same person, or an imperfect copy of an imperfect copy.


But Gabe was totally oblivious to the pain he caused her by disappearing in that way. No robot , she thought, could be so callous. When Viv made her own decision to everize, she deliberated for weeks, thinking through the consequences and conversations to come. Afterwards, she sat with her father in that same small room, with the Persian rug older, the furniture staler, a new cat purring at his feet. Her father exhaled an Arabic phrase he was using more often in his old age.

La hawla wa la quwata illa billah. She had never learned his native tongue, but she looked up the phrase to understand him better. It meant something like: there is no power except in God. It was a sigh of resignation. Your soul lives on.