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Not good Or would he finally, really commit to the vows he made? This is especially true if you have an addiction. Get with a Christian counselor and really figure out what led to those decisions. You need to separate your past from your present. This allows you to really get committed to your marriage vows. And this is crucial— you cannot, under any circumstance, make excuses for what you did. Take it. Take her emotions. Just sit there and listen. She will need to spew, and you are the one she needs to spew on. And she has to get it out. On you. Now, if this takes years, so be it.

Take it for as long as she needs to spew.

The Four Things You Must Do if You've Betrayed (= esp. cheated on) Someone

The trust account will never, ever get refilled. I once went to a basketball game with a guy I barely knew from church.

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What was he to do? Take full responsibility for your actions. It's the only way to heal. Really apologize. Say exactly how what you did caused such destruction. Name it. Tell her what stupid, evil, horrible choices they were. Tell her how profoundly sorry you are. After that: keep her alive. Robertson has written a compelling story with engaging characters and a well-paced plot. I want more! Robertson combines a lush prose style with a sharp eye for characterization and detail. You will not be disappointed. I looked up from the keyboard of my DEC 10 computer terminal and smiled as Barry Mackson appeared in the doorway of my windowless, closet-sized office.

A knee hole had been carved into the lower cabinets, and I perched on a padded bar stool, keying in data on paranormal and occult activity occurring in southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Instead of leaning against the wall and proposing an evening stroll along the Embarcadero or a margarita in Old Town like he usually did, Barry stood silent and rigid, his fair-haired good looks and up-to-the-minute three-piece suit set off by the dark wood of the door frame. The memory of his smooth broad back under my hands, his heat filling me, shot an arrow of excitement between my thighs.

My pulse sped. Barry flashed the quicksilver grin I found so appealing, but it wavered around the edges, chilling the warmth that was rising in my belly. All he had to do was make his wishes known and Kincaid and the other directors executed them without question. I shut my mouth and fell into step beside Barry, anticipation quickening my pace. Even in heels I barely came up to his shoulder.

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Foxworth was in the building. No one who worked for the Trust did and kept their job. But her sharp eyes gave the impression that every event she observed was being filed away for future use. Barry shot me a sidelong glance. Foxworth to say.

Betrayal in the Workplace and How to Deal with It - Great People Inside

I followed Barry up the curving, dark wood staircase to the second floor, then a narrower, dog-leg flight to the third. His muscular butt was at eye level, distracting me a little from my nerves. He surfed most weekends and had the buns and thighs to prove it. I confess, it was partly my desire to squeeze those cheeks that got me into the sack with him.

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  • Too soon we were at the top floor. Another man was silhouetted there, his face hard to make out with the afternoon sunlight shining brightly from behind him. He rose and gestured at the leather club chairs facing him. Barry took the seat to my right. I sat, smoothing my suit skirt under my butt in the lady-like way my mother had taught me.

    Apparently Mr. For a moment he just looked at me in silence, as if he knew what I was thinking, then resumed his seat behind the desk. I fiddled with my MIA bracelet, then stopped myself from fidgeting. Somehow I kept myself from glancing at Barry. He knows.

    Betrayed by Trust

    Why else would he ask? I gasped and felt myself color. Never in my worst nightmare had I imagined being asked such a question by a man old enough to be my grandfather. For instance, a child is betrayed when he or she is abused by the parents who are supposed to love, support, and protect the child. A spouse is betrayed when their partner has an affair.

    Betrayal is when someone you trust lies to you, cheats on you, abuses you, or hurts you by putting their own self-interest first. Betrayal as loss. Notice that I am using the term "loss" to describe the consequences of betrayal. In our society, we have trouble understanding the concepts of loss and grief. We understand that when someone dies we experience loss and grief, but frequently we don't recognize the other forms of loss that we may experience in life.

    Loss can be losing a person through death. However, it can also be losing a part of that person such as through illness. When a spouse develops Alzheimer's, for instance, the healthy spouse may experience loss of companionship or loss of emotional support. Loss can also involve things that are less tangible such as trust. When an individual is betrayed by someone, they lose trust in that person. In trusting another person, we believe that they won't hurt us; when they do hurt us, we then have the awareness that this other person has the capacity to hurt us.

    Therefore, we have lost something very important to the relationship. Purposeful Aspect of Betrayal.

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    The reason that betrayal is the most devastating kind loss is because most often it is a loss that didn't have to occur. It only occurs because of someone's deliberately hurtful behavior, or their carelessness, or their own personal weakness. Unlike a loss such as death or illness, there is usually some sort of choice involved. The person who was betrayed believes that the choice was wrong and preventable. Loss of the Illusion. Even more confusing, however, is that sometimes loss can be the loss of an illusion.

    Frequently, we develop in our minds the way we think things "should" be. However, reality doesn't always correspond with the demands that we put on life, ourselves, and others. Therefore, sometimes we are hurt when we have to face this reality. For instance, imagine children who grow up in the fortunate experience of having parents who always put the needs of their children first.

    But what they don't know is that their parents are unhappy together. Those children become young adults and are confronted with their parents telling them that they are getting a divorce. Frequently, those children feel betrayed by the illusion of the happy family they always thought they had. Suddenly they are confronted with a hurtful reality. Another example is that a man marries a woman and thinks of her as a virtuous, moral person.

    Later he finds out that she had numerous sexual encounters prior to their relationship. He has lost his concept of how he thought of his wife. He feels betrayed even though she didn't do anything to break her committed to him; his sense of betrayal is the loss of the illusion of how he thought of his wife.

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    However, even if the betrayal is the loss of the illusion, the grief is very real and needs to be dealt with. Sometimes this is hard to do because the person is told and believes that they shouldn't feel so strongly about something that was not an actual betrayal of them. So with this type of loss a person is often tempted to move on too quickly without resolving it.

    So, given that betrayal is a loss, it is necessary to understand the process of grief in order to deal with having been betrayed. Most often, when people have been betrayed, they have overwhelming emotions which are so intense that they are unable to make any sense out of them.